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Buccal Midazolam Administration (Epilepsy Control)

Buccal Midazolam: Epilepsy and the safe use of seizure control medication



Who should do this training: Healthcare workers who may encounter service users who suffer from epilepsy and may require the administration of seizure control medication.

Aim: This course has been developed in conjunction with the Joint Epilepsy Council of the UK and Ireland (JEC) guidelines. The aim of the course is that Learners develop a greater understanding of epilepsy and are instructed in the administration of Buccal Midazolam medication. Learner will be observed and tested throughout the day; successful delegates will be issued a certificate of attendance.


About Buccal Midazolam:  It has been recognised that the administration of buccal midazolam for the control of prolonged or continuous seizures is an effective treatment which can be life saving. Given promptly, this relatively simple procedure can prevent major disruption to daily life resulting from hospital emergency treatment.

The use of buccal midazolam as a rescue medication has become increasingly popular over the last few years.

This has resulted in its inclusion in the UK's National Institute for Clinical Excellence (NICE) clinical practice guideline on the diagnosis and management of epilepsy in children and adults published in 2004.

The administration of buccal midazolam is considered to be a less invasive procedure than the administration of rectal diazepam. The issue of privacy and dignity are less compromised and in situations where it is not acceptable or convenient to use rectal diazepam, buccal midazolam is an effective alternative.


Course Content:

  • What is epilepsy?
  • Causes of Epilepsy
  • Diagnosis of Epilepsy
  • What is a seizure?
  • Types of seizures
  • Stages and management of Complex Partial Seizures
  • Stages and management of Tonic Clonic Seizures
  • When to call an ambulance
  • Seizure triggers
  • Treatment options
  • Medication side effects
  • Lifestyle implications
  • Recording seizures
  • Epilepsy Care Plan
  • What is Midazolam?
  • How Buccal Midazolam works
  • Advantages of Buccal Midazolam
  • Potential side effects
  • Protocol
  • Indications for use
  • Convulsive and non convulsive status
  • How to prepare buccal midazolam
  • Practical demonstration
  • Evaluation and Close


Course Duration:  1 Day 


Certification:  This course is delivered by Frontline Medics who are recognised trainers in the administration of Buccal midazolam. Quarriers and the JEC UK & Ireland

HealthCare Ireland will issue a Certificate of attendance which is valid for 2 years.


Online Courses - 1 year certification


Enquiries:  Contact Elaine on 087 2380 482 or 01 561 1041 for inhouse training.


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